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Meet Your Hosts
Osage Hills Retreat Owners Melissa & Steve Struttmann

Hello! I’m Melissa Struttmann, and my husband Steve and I own Osage Hills Retreat. We are dedicated to providing you with an exceptional crafting weekend experience. 


One of the first questions every retreat group asks is, “What’s the story behind this place?” And they’re shocked to learn that Steve was the catalyst!


In late May 2021, Steve sat me on the couch after dinner and said, “I have something to show you,” as he scrolled through Facebook searching for a post. He pulled up a listing of a home for sale. Forty-five minutes away from us. Really big house. I look at it, confused. Our combined ten children are grown. We are facing retirement. We’ve casually talked about downsizing, but not anytime soon.


I looked at him and asked, " Why on earth would we want to move there? That house is huge!”


He pulled up the floor plan, pointed around, and said, “Yes but look at the layout. All we would need to do is put a door here, and it’s basically two houses. And look and this upstairs; that could be your studio. And this side, we could make all this a Retreat Center.”


Never in my life did I see this coming. This house was perfect! Within a day or two we had an appointment to view it; indeed, it was perfect. 


Steve is not one to make rash decisions, and long story short, despite the housing market being insane, we did not submit an offer. I was crushed, but timing is timing. Daily, I looked at the house. I drew out floor plans for furniture. I exhaustively researched. I made twin quilts, ‘just in case’. 


In February 2022, we met again with the Realtor. We made an offer. We listed our home and we moved in April 2022. In June 2022, we opened for business. 


Timing is everything. Steve needed that near-year to wrap his head around going into additional debt at retirement, not downsizing. I needed that time to educate myself and prepare for a new career. It’s safe to say most people opening a Retreat Center will tell you it’s been their passion, or their dream, as it has been mine. But just as a brain surgeon needs specific education to fulfill that passion, I knew I needed specific education to fulfill my passion as well. In 2022, I successfully completed the requirements of the Retreat Business Academy Course.* This course provides the tools and information every Retreat Owner needs to know to run a successful retreat center that will bring guests back time after time.

We want your craft retreat weekend to feel like a luxury weekend getaway. Come visit us in historic Osage County, Oklahoma and enjoy the peace and opportunity to craft and relax in Oklahoma's destination retreat center!

For any questions or concerns, contact Melissa at 918-630-7053 or osagehillsretreat@gmail.comWe want you to feel right at home at Osage Hills Retreat Center and create long-lasting memories.

Melissa has extensive crafting expertise, ranging from scrapbooking to photography, sewing to cross stitch, and embroidery to quilting. To learn more about her quilting and longarm business, click here.

*Want to take your retreat business to the next level? Take 20% off your course by using coupon code MELISSA.

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