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Rochelle Rice, renowned artist and really big deal
Renowned Artist
Rochelle Rice
to Conduct Workshops on 
Collage Quilts and
Pet Portraits at
Osage Hills Retreat
in September 2023


"Creating a raw edge fabric collage of your pet is easier than you think. Starting with a photo, I will teach you how to make a one-of-a-kind fabric portrait of your pet." 

~ Rochelle Rice

Osage Hills Retreat, located in historic Osage County, Oklahoma, is pleased to announce that it will host renowned artist Rochelle Rice for a series of workshops on collage quilts and pet portraits in September 2023. Rice, an accomplished artist with years of experience in various mediums, is known for her stunning and highly detailed collage quilts and pet portraits.


The workshops will take place September 18, 19 & 20, 2023, and will be open to artists of all skill levels. Participants will have the opportunity to learn Rice's techniques and methods for creating intricate and highly detailed quilt and portrait compositions. The retreat center's beautiful and inspiring setting will provide the perfect backdrop for the workshops, allowing participants to fully immerse themselves in the creative process.


“We are honored to welcome Rochelle Rice to Osage Hills Retreat for this special event,” said Melissa Struttmann, owner of Osage Hills Retreat. “Rochelle's artistry is truly inspiring, and we are thrilled to offer our guests the opportunity to learn from her and take their own art to the next level.”


Rochelle Rice is a co-host of the wildly popular and top-rated Tulsa-based podcast "Inappropriate Quilters." Alongside Leslie Bercher, Rice brings a wealth of knowledge, humor, and personality to the show, which has gained a dedicated following of listeners from all over the world. Their podcast features all things quilting, with a few things inappropriate. Rice has a warm and engaging personality, and her chemistry with Bercher is undeniable. Together, they create a dynamic and entertaining show that keeps listeners coming back episode after episode. If you're a fan of quilting or just looking for a fun and engaging podcast to listen to, "Inappropriate Quilters" is not to be missed, thanks in no small part to the delightful Rochelle Rice.


In addition to the workshops, participants will have access to the amenities and services offered by Osage Hills Retreat, including comfortable accommodations, and stunning natural surroundings. There will also be plenty of opportunities for socializing and networking. A limited number of overnight accommodations are available for out-of-town individuals choosing to take both the collage and pet portrait classes.


“I am excited to share my techniques and passion for creating intricate and detailed quilt and portrait compositions with the participants of these workshops," said Rochelle Rice. “Osage Hills Retreat provides the perfect setting for artists to unleash their creativity, and I look forward to seeing what we can create together.”


Registration for the workshop is now open. Spaces are limited, so interested individuals are encouraged to call and sign up early to ensure their spot.

Collage Quilt Workshop - Monday, September 18  -  1 Spot Left!

Overnight Accommodations - Monday night - September 18

Pet Portrait Workshop - Tuesday, September 19  -  2 Spots Left! (Note: This is the same workshop as Wednesday's workshop)

Pet Portrait Workshop - Wednesday - September 20  -  2 Spots Left!

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